Meet the New Hexoskin Android app!

April 03, 2015

Introducing the new Android app for Hexoskin, entirely re-designed to meet your needs.

New Home Screen

Now it's easier than ever to have access to your Fitness Status, Timeline, and Live Metrics directly from the home screen.

Tapping the Fitness Status title brings you to your profile where you can launch these exclusive physical fitness evaluation tests: Heart Rate Recovery, Heart Rate Max, Heart Rate Rest and VO2max. See here why these matter.

The Timeline shown on the new home screen shows your 2 latest activities. Tapping this tile will display your full Timeline, with all your past activities grouped by month.

As always, your live metrics are visible on the home screen, giving you real time information on your cardio-respiratory system.

Finally, the GO! button begs to be tapped so that the app can monitor you running, cycling, sleeping or just chilling!


Easier to use

We believe the app is now much more intuitive than it was before. An in-app tutorial now tours you through the main features, and guides will appear for each physical fitness evaluation test that you take for the 1st time.

Navigation has been optimized to give you a better experience travelling from one feature to another.

Real time dashboards are now customized for some activities such as Running, Cycling, Lifestyle, Sleep, and Rest.

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A few screenshots

View real time cardiac and respiratory biometrics

Display is now custom for some activities

New activity report

Gain essential knowledge on your fitness

Easily take physical fitness evaluation tests

Review your past test results

Your Timeline tells you everything about your activity


If you have any questions or suggestions about the new app, please contact us, we love to chat!

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