It's here! The all-new iOS app for your Hexoskin

October 08, 2015

Rejoice, Apple fans! Along with iOS9 comes a fresh new Hexoskin app, tailored just for you!

Here are a few of the new features you've requested and we've been working on.


Redesigned Home Screen

The new home screen give you a quicker access to your Fitness Status, your Timeline (recent activities), and your real-time metrics (Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Breathing Volume).

The big blue GO button allows you to start an Activity, a Workout or your all-important Fitness tests.

At the bottom of the screen, hit the Show Sensors link to watch your real-time ECG and breathing.

There you have it, the most important features, right at your fingertips!

Step by Step Workouts

This whole new feature is really cool!

Follow voice feedback as you go through steps based on duration or repetitions.

Work in recommended heart rate zones (Very light, Light, Moderate, Hard, Maximum) based on your profile.

Choose between Cindy, Tabata, Fran, Interval training, Cardio training, Circuit training, and more.

Activities include Air squats, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Lunges, Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Jump Rope, Sit-ups, Thrusters, etc.

Get a detailed report on your workout and compare with your previous performance!

Your physical fitness profile

Did you know that the Hexoskin app includes a few quick tests that you can take to get a good idea of what your global health looks like?

Start by taking the Resting Heart Rate test. This takes only 5mn and will give you your Resting Heart Rate along with an estimation of your HRV (Heart Rate Variability).

Then go for a 12 minute run to estimate your VO2max and compare it with previous test results.

If you're feeling good, try running 400m as fast as you can to measure your Maximum Heart Rate and your Heart Rate Recovery.

All these test results are important indicators when it comes to evaluating how rested and fit your body is at a given time.

Relevant data displayed

Before this release, the same metrics were displayed regardless of the activity.

Now you get to see the metrics that are really relevant. For example we've taken Distance and Speed out of the Resting and Sleep activities. You will only find these metrics in the activities that use GPS data such as Running and Cycling.

This declutters the screen to help you see the numbers that count.

Heart rate zones

With this new release you get to see exactly how long you spent in each Heart Rate zone during an Activity.

These zones are created using your own data so that the results are relevant to your specific body's performance.

This will help you see if you're improving your aerobic fitness, increasing your anaerobic capacity, or if you're in a weight loss training zone. More information on this page where we explain which metrics Hexoskin measures.

Sleep you must, Your energy to refill

Introducing our new Sleep Report. This one's going to make you want to sleep with your Hexoskin tonight!

Now you can see an awesome report on your night's sleep right inside the app, without needing to head to the web dashboard.

View your Sleep Efficiency, how your night was divided in Awake, REM and Non-REM stages, how many times you shifted in your sleep and how long you spent in each position.

While you sleep, Hexoskin also estimates your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) which gives you insight on your fatigue, stress, and possibly need for further recovery.

Of course you'll also get interesting data on your heart rate and breathing rate.

We hope you enjoy this new release as much as we enjoyed working on it! Please let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to chat.

Download now from the App Store

Please note: In case you bump into an issue when launching the new app, please delete the old app and download the new one again.