Update available for iOS and Android!

December 01, 2015



Your Hexoskin app now does even more!  When you ask us questions, give us feedback, or make special requests so that Hexoskin can meet your needs, we take it to heart. That’s why our development team has recently made some useful enhancements to your Hexoskin app based on your feedback and requests, available for download now for iOS and Android.

Our app update brings you the brand new “Annotations” feature, allowing you to track events in real time and enter notes to be reviewed later. 

Simply swipe down on any activity screen to record a text annotation without interrupting the current activity.  This is useful when you want to review your data for a specific moment in your recording. 

We've also added 2 new tips to ensure you're making the most of your Hexoskin:
- A reminder to wet your sensors before starting an activity
- An explanation of how to position the Hexoskin device into your pocket to record your sleep position data accurately.

Hit the links below to download your update now!

Available on the App Store  Available on Google Play

What do you think about the new annotations feature and the new tips? What features would you like to see in future Hexoskin app releases? Let us know in the comments below.