Hexoskin + Research

February 24, 2021

Hexoskin + Research Program for Students & Researchers

Two Platforms Designed for Data Collection & Reporting 

It is easy to understand why the Hexoskin & Astroskin platforms are the solutions of choice for hundreds of researchers and students. Hexoskin & Astroskin couldn't be more different in terms of sensors and data they provide, but both remain the most validated tools that provide longitudinal electrocardiography and lung function contextualized with activity data in one convenient form factor. First, they offer comfortable and washable garments with embedded sensors making them easy to use and maintain. Astroskin and Hexoskin both offer apps, dashboards, and analytics tools that allow data management in real-time or remotely.

Both platforms offer access to the raw and processed data which are quintessential to support research purposes and publish rigorous results. Our platforms provide CSV, binary, and EDF formats accessible through our open API or downloadable via the online dashboard.

Hexoskin also believes in privacy by design and does not sell or share the data hosted on its platforms. All data communications are end-to-end encrypted and can be erased at any time. Our team is also here to help and provide guidelines to support students & researchers in completing their protocol. 

Hexoskin & Astroskin Platforms

The Hexoskin Research Community

The community around Hexoskin and Astroskin is passionate about working with the most cutting-edge health monitoring solutions and have a positive impact on people's lives. This February, we've reached over 110 scientific publications on various topics and subjects covered by the Hexoskin Research Community.

Hexoskin Research Fields of Study & Use Cases

But we see this as only the beginning. The Hexoskin and Astroskin platforms are currently used in new research projects. Research in rare diseases, children's health, epilepsy, sleep, and pulmonary conditions are some of the newly emerging fields expected to generate results this year. It is a good time for evidence-based science!

Kick-Start Your Project with the Hexoskin + Research Program

Hexoskin supports students and researchers by providing all the support they need to spend less time planning their project and more time doing what they really want to do: research & publish! Whether you aim for a small or large project, our Hexoskin + Research program is here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our team to get a quote and start planning!

Hexoskin + Research Program Offers:

  • 10% discount on orders of 5+ Hexoskin Kits or 1+ Astroskin Kits
  • Access to Apps, Dashboard, and Data Analytics tools
  • Free data Hosting & API access
  • Free Onboarding Webinar (value of $200)
  • Free Data Management Webinar (value of $200)
  • Q&A sessions (value of $200)
  • Hexoskin Technical Support
  • Free Shipping & More!

Hexoskin Plus Research Program

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