Meet us at BIO in Boston on June 4-8, 2018!

Hexoskin will be attending the BIO International Convention in Boston, June 4-7, 2018 for its second year! The Smart Clothing industry's leader will present its new clinically validated collection of Smart Garments for clinical research. Hexoskin will also showcase the Hexoskin Smart, the best health monitor for continuous cardiac, respiratory, activity and sleep tracking. Hexoskin will also unveil a new solution to manage clinical trials and report real-world evidence with Machine Learning & AI. Come meet us!

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February 28, 2018

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Meet us at HIMSS18 next week!

Hexoskin will be at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas next week! Come by our Booth #8700-47 to get insights about the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform, wearable health sensors & AI solutions. 

We have designed a system to minimize user setup time and to maximize vital signs monitoring over long periods in a non-obstructive way with sensors embedded in a Smart Shirt. Data are synced to local and remote servers for health data management and analysis. Hexoskin offers a non-invasive solution for continuous monitoring in cardiology, respiratory, sleep, CNS, activity, stress and mental illness.

Contact us to book a meeting with our dedicated team during the show or to schedule a phone call regarding your future & ongoing projects.

About Hexoskin
Hexoskin is the world leader in smart clothing and body sensing technologies. Hundreds of researchers are already using Hexoskin for clinical research and real-time monitoring. The company has announced last year it will equip the International Space Station (ISS) with a bio-monitoring system for astronauts in collaboration with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency.

Twitter: @Hexoskin

February 22, 2018

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Presenting our Healthcare Platform at HIMSS 2018

This year, Hexoskin is going to attend 2018 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition to discuss its latest advancements.

Visit us at Booth #8700-47 at the Venetian Palazzo-Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas from March 5-9.



At Hexoskin, we all have the desire to innovate in the realm of healthcare.

We create evolutive and interoperable solutions that help healthcare providers manage groups of people simultaneously and provide better healthcare.

Hexoskin makes the only product in the world designed to provide real-world, clinical data for cardiac, respiratory, daily and sleep activity continuously and in the long term.

The Hexoskin open platform (API) records health data and makes it accessible and useful to improve patient engagement and experience as well as providing a global insight on health conditions for care and research purposes.

About Hexoskin
Founded in 2006, Hexoskin has designed a system to minimize user setup time and to maximize vital signs monitoring over long periods in a non-obstructive way with sensors embedded in a Smart Shirt. Data are synced to local and remote servers for health data management and analysis. Hexoskin offers a non-invasive solution for longitudinal studies in cardiology, respiratory, sleep, CNS, activity, stress and mental illness. 

Among other used cases, Hexoskin enables to acquire physiological data after a fall, which helps caregivers to study the fallen person's health condition in real time.

Article Reference:
Context Aware Adaptable Approach for Fall Detection bases on Smart Textile
Mezghani, N. et al. IEEE EMBS International Conference on Biomedical & Health Informatics (BHI), 2017.

November 27, 2017

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Hexoskin demonstrates its health monitoring technology at the 3rd Dubai Future Accelerators Program

It was a great honor for Hexoskin to demonstrate its Connected Health Platform at the closing ceremony of 3rd Dubai Future Accelerators Program this weekend. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) was attending and Hexoskin demonstrated live health metrics recorded with its biometric clothing technology. You can watch a demonstration video here.

"Dubai is now a global hub for advanced technologies and a platform to exchange experience and learn about the latest developments", said Sheikh Hamdan. View the article here.

At the same event, the Dubai Health Authority represented by His Excellency Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hexoskin to support a monitoring program for heart failure patients at the Dubai Rashid Hospital.

In Gulf News, we can read that the Prince added that the results of this 3rd program "is pressing ahead confidently towards the future, creating an enabling and stimulating environment to accelerate the achievement of the goals". The event was taking place in the Dubai Future Accelerators' offices in the Emirates Towers in Dubai.

About Hexoskin: 
Hexoskin is a Smart Shirt that monitors cardiac, respiratory, sleep, and activity data. Hexoskin is used in clinical research for telemonitoring of patients with chronic diseases such as heart and respiratory diseases. 

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October 11, 2017

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Hexoskin is shaping the future of healthcare at the Dubai Future Accelerators

It’s with great pleasure that Hexoskin our participation in the 3rd cohort of the Dubai Future Accelerators! Hexoskin will be hosted by the Dubai Future Accelerators with three other companies to meet this year's health challenges defined by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Around 20 companies from all around the world have submitted their applications to participate, and we are very happy to have made the cut with the other companies. Four members of the Montreal team were present at the opening Ceremony on October 2nd in Dubai. Our challenge will be to support Dubai in reducing health costs, while increasing the efficiency and the potential of diagnosis, prevention and remote monitoring by a factor of 10. 

''Hexoskin will work within the Dubai Future Accelerators and partner with the DHA to design the most advanced healthcare programs and make Dubai a global hub that connects patients to the best healthcare services in the world.'' - Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Co-Founder and CEO, Hexoskin


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Presenting An AI Approach to Maximize Pipeline Value at DPharm

This year again, Hexoskin is attending the DPharm Conference, taking place in Boston September 6-8.

On September 7th, Hexoskin's CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, will talk about opportunities for Pharma companies to uncover new insights from the data they have collected from trials, and how to take advantage of AI/machine learning advances to maximize pipeline value.

Hexoskin has been developing machine learning and data mining algorithms since 2006. With its wearable health sensors, it has accumulated terabytes of health data from thousands of users. The company has a long experience in dealing with large datasets, and is working with healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations to unlock value from clinical trials data, health research, and more.


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Last Year, Erica Wiebe donated her Hexoskin to Museum after winning gold at the Olympics


Erica Wiebe won gold in 75kg Freestyle wrestling in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Summer Olympics, and she donates her Hexoskin to the Canada Museum of Sciences and Technology (Ottawa). We are proud to have been part of her physical preparation!

Picture by: Ashley Fraser (Post Media)

Video and article here

She also said in an interview that she will wear her Hexoskin in the next Olympic Games: ''and as I prepare for Tokyo 2020 I'm going to be using it too.''


Hexoskin Demonstrates its Connected Health Platform and Biometric Shirt at BIO 2017 in San Diego

Hexoskin is attending the 2017 BIO conference in San Diego this week, and will be demonstrating its connected health platform and biometric shirt at the Quebec pavilion (booth 4315).

The Hexoskin open-data platform enables the development of new digital markers, third-party device integration, ePROs, artificial intelligence and application-specific development.

In order to meet clinical trial development requirements, Hexoskin works in partnership with pharma and biotechs to design efficient protocols for continuous patient monitoring. Clinical areas of interest include those with a need for longitudinal studies in cardiology, respiratory, sleep, CNS, activity, stress, mental illness, etc. 

The Hexoskin software research platform is designed to generate continuous health data for the development of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) algorithms for chronic diseases management. Hexoskin also offers AI and data science services to pharma and biotech companies.

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Hexoskin presents a new clinical validation paper at the APSS Sleep 2017 Meeting in Boston

‘’Sleep Well, Live Better’’ –Hexoskin. Although sleeping represents a third of our lives, it's still mysterious for most people. Dr. Roger Godbout, professor and researcher at the Sleep Laboratory & Clinic at Hospital Rivières-des-Prairies (Montreal), will be presenting the new validation study ''Development and validation of an algorithm for the study of sleep using a smart shirt'' (Joelle P.M. et al., 2017) today at SLEEP 2017 at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. This clinical validation will allow Hexoskin clients to easily detect sleep stages with a good correlation with polysomnography (PSG), the clinical gold standard.



If you are in Boston, come and meet us to discuss our latest sleep research! It’s a great occasion to exchange on other topics related to sleep monitoring. Thanks to the Association Professional Sleep Society LLC (APSS) for this initiative!

Learn more about how you can monitor your sleep with Hexoskin: Sleep page

Read the Press Release here 

Hexoskin discusses health innovation and medical procurement at ProcurMed 2017

ProcurMed 2017, a Canadian MedTech Procurement Forum, took place today May 11th in Montreal. Our CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier shared experiences and lessons learned in working with hospitals in Canada and the United States.

Procurmed 2017 Montreal Canada

Hospital procurement and innovation departments, payors, and medical devices and health IT companies from Ontario, Quebec, Massachusetts, Vermont, and other states shared ideas on how to make it easier for innovative technologies to go through the procurement process. We talked shared risk, integrating pilots in procurement, and how to do procurement in a value-based healthcare system.

Procurmed 2017 Montreal Canada Panel

From left to right on the picture: Sophie Cerny (Québec government office in Boston), Stuart Kozlick (Kinova), and Pierre-Alexandre Fournier (Hexoskin)

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