Hexoskin Athlete Camille Serme Wins US Open Squash 2016!

After an amazing tournament, Camille Serme won a historic match against world's top player Nour El Sherbini at the US Open Squash Championships 2016 finale in Philadelphia today!
Camille Serme trophy at US Open Squash Championship 2016 in Philadelphia.
Photo credits: US SQUASH
Camille has won the Euro title five times in a row, but this trophy is different. It's the first time a French player wins the US Open. You can watch the winning point here:
We're very proud of her! Bravo Camille, t'es la meilleure!

Hexoskin at the FashionWare Show at CES Asia 2016

From space walk to catwalk? It was a lot of fun to be part of the FashionWare Show at CES Asia this week in Shanghai, China. Technology is getting better each year and smart clothing designers now have better tools to design functional and fashionable items.

You can easily tell that this year's FashionWare Show displayed the most mature technology yet, and the best looking designs ever shown at the Consumer Electronics Show. Congrats!

Hexoskin smart shirt at the FashionWare event at CES Asia 2016 in Shanghai, China.