Hexoskin Talks Space Medicine at the Healthcare without Boundaries Colloquium

Biomedical researcher Héloïse Auger will talk about Hexoskin's work in space medicine, Astroskin wearable sensors, and artificial intelligence for automated diagnostics at the Healthcare without Boundaries Colloquium this week on June 1-2. Registration is available on Eventbrite: Healthcare without Boundaries Colloquium

Hexoskin has been collaborating with the Canadian Space Agency since 2011 on the development of medical technologies that can be used for human spaceflight. Devices that can record health data passively, like the Astroskin, create an opportunity to develop autonomous medical systems using clinical rules and artificial intelligence to support long-term space missions beyond low Earth orbit.

Astrokin wearable sensors worn by Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques in the International Space Station, January 2019
Are you working on a research project that requires monitoring cardiorespiratory activity in real-life settings? Contact us to discuss your objectives and see how Astroskin or Hexoskin could be useful! 

Now 100+ Publications with Hexoskin!

Hexoskin Health Sensors - Now 100 Publications and Validations - 2020Today Hexoskin has reached an important milestone. The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform has been used in over 100 scientific & peer-reviewed publications thanks to our community of researchers and scientists dedicated to promoting safe and effective remote monitoring technologies!

But who’s counting? Actually... we do! Our Hexoskin Smart Clothing solutions benefit from the most validation and publications in the industry, accounting for more than all the smart clothing competition combined.

A Connected Health Platform Fit for Various Research Fields

The publications and validations studies cover a wide range of fields of study from scientific validations of the Hexoskin Cardiac, Pulmonary, and Activity smart clothing sensors; to various subjects and health applications.

Hexoskin Connected Health Platform - Fields of Research and Clinical Validation

It’s been such a wonderful experience to reach this milestone and we are thankful for the trust placed in our Hexoskin Connected Health Solutions. We can’t wait to continue this journey to improve evidence-based practice for patients and professionals by bringing science to new levels! 

Hexoskin and Halo Health to solve key challenges of clinical trials.

Hexoskin and Halo Health are announcing today a collaboration to solve key challenges in running clinical trials. Combining Hexoskin and Halo Health's technology will offer greater operational efficiency for virtual clinical trials and home monitoring, and offer tools to increase patient engagement.

These new tools will reduce the cost of collecting vital signs data for clinical trials, and will allow patients to participate in medical research from the comfort of their home.

Hexoskin smart garments and its Connected Health Platform are compatible with Halo Health solutions. The two companies will mutually promote their offering to pharmaceutical sponsors to support clinical development.

Halo Health is enabling patient-centric trials to reduce patient and site burden. Its Smart Clinical Trials solution is a digital health platform that provides Remote Patient Monitoring, Patient Engagement, and Workflow Automation. The solution includes an integrated ecosystem of clinical grade sensors and wearables to enable hybrid & virtual trials for various therapeutic areas including cardiology, respiratory and endocrinology.

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier - Chief Executive Officer at Hexoskin: “Medicine's progress depends on being able to better observe patients' outcomes. Anything we can do to lower the cost of data helps accelerate clinical development. This is something that Pharma and Biotech companies need to innovate, but most importantly this is something that we need to do to improve treatments for patients and find new cures for diseases that affect millions of people and their families.” says Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Chief Executive Officer at Hexoskin. “Combining Halo Health's software with Hexoskin sensors and algorithms reduces the cost of collecting data in clinical trials, with greater flexibility & patient centricity.”

Hexoskin is a pioneer and leader in non-invasive vital signs sensors and remote patient monitoring solutions. Hexoskin Smart Clothing for Men, Women, and Children are clinically validated and its Connected Health Platform is used for health research in cardiology, pulmonology, psychiatry, rare diseases and many other health conditions.

We’re attending  in at HaloHealth's Kiosk on September 17 & 18, 2019! Visit Booth 30 to learn about our joint innovative solutions to solve the key challenges of Clinical-trials! 

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Hexoskin to build world’s largest database of vital signs for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis patients with ICANCME Research Network

Montreal, Canada, August 22, 2019  - The CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) organized a press conference at CHU Sainte-Justine, Mother and Child University Hospital Center today to announce the funding of a five-year project to collect biological and vital signs data from patients suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), to improve medical knowledge of the disease. Canadian Minister of Health, the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, was at the event to make the announcement with Dr. Alain Moreau, Scientific Director of the Viscogliosi Laboratory in Molecular Genetics of Musculoskeletal Diseases.

In Canada, over half a million Canadians suffer from ME. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), in the United States, 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans suffer from ME, but most of them have not been diagnosed. There is currently no biological diagnostic test for ME. The disease is diagnosed based on symptoms and by ruling out other conditions that could be causing the symptoms. The CHIR funded project will build the largest long-term cardiopulmonary and activity database in the world for patients with ME.

Hexoskin, a Montreal-based leader in smart clothing, health software, and AI services will provide its health monitoring solutions to support building the database. Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO of Hexoskin, is pleased by today’s announcement: ‘’We believe this project will help us understand how to better take care of patients presenting symptoms of ME. Recent data shows that the prevalence of this disease is higher than previously estimated and has an enormous impact on Canadians living with ME and our society. Data collected in this project will impact millions of lives’’.

Dr. Alain Moreau will be the Principal Investigator with the Interdisciplinary Canadian Collaborative Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - ICANCME - Research Network: “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is possibly the last medical enigma of the 21st century. Our scientific partnership with Hexoskin will be instrumental to address the complexity of ME given its clinical heterogeneity and phenotypic variability overtime. The Hexoskin wearable technologies will allow researchers and clinicians to investigate people severely affected by ME (housebound or bedridden), which is rarely done due to their limited capacity to participate in clinical studies.”

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About Hexoskin:
Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Hexoskin is the leader in non-invasive sensors, smart clothing, software, data science & AI services. Hexoskin launched in 2013 the first washable smart shirts that capture cardiac, respiratory, and activity body metrics. Hexoskin is an end-to-end system to monitor the user’s general health, vital signs, sleep, and activity, using built-in sensors embedded in Smart Garments made in Canada. The system can be used for a wide range of research domains including cardiology, respiratory, behavioural and physiological psychology, biofeedback, sleep patterns, circadian rhythms, effects of aging on physical performance, human energy expenditure, and physical conditioning.

The Hexoskin smart clothing and solutions were validated in over 70 scientific publications in the fields of cardiology, respiratory, behavioural and physiological psychology, sleep patterns, circadian rhythms, effects of aging on physical performance, and AI-Machine Learning. The company provides custom solutions, R&D project management, and services to international clients in defence, aerospace, security, police and first responders, pharmaceuticals, academics, and healthcare.

Hexoskin is also known for collaborating with the Canadian Space Agency to provide its advanced health technologies Astroskin (Bio-Monitor) to monitor the vital signs of the Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques and future astronauts visiting in the International Space Station for the next five years. The company launched in 2018 the Astroskin platform for research and public/private projects on Earth.

Live Webinar - Join us on May 30, 2018 at 12PM (EST) for a Live Webinar on Respiratory Monitoring!

The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform is used by researchers in many domains all around the world. Remote & Continuous Respiratory Monitoring is a field of interest that is gaining momentum, but few non-invasive solutions exist to monitor the lung function of subjects and patients.

We invite you to our second webinar that will cover our latest results and applications in respiratory research. We will also present how Hexoskin can monitor COPD patients by using its very unique physiological data.

Webinar: Remote & Continuous Respiratory Monitoring with Hexoskin
30 May 2018, at 12:00 PM (EST) - via the Zoom Video Conferencing software

Speaker: Thu Ngan Trinh, PhD, Clinical Application Specialist at Hexoskin
Guest Speaker: Ruud van Leuteren, MSc, PhD Candidate in Neonatology at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam.

If you are unable to attend, we still invite you to register and we will send you the recorded webinar by email afterward.

We look forward to your presence at this new webinar!


About Hexoskin
Founded in 2006, Hexoskin has designed a system to minimize user setup time and to maximize vital signs monitoring over long periods in a non-obstructive way with sensors embedded in a Smart Shirt. Data are synced to local and remote servers for health data management and analysis. Hexoskin offers a non-invasive solution for longitudinal studies in cardiology, respiratory, sleep, CNS, activity, stress and mental illness. 

Hexoskin's CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier talks about Montreal’s advantages for Health Technology companies

In this new entrepreneurial capsule from Montreal InVivo, Pierre-Alexandre explains his motivations and goals as an entrepreneur in health technologies. He puts forward the help given by different organizations for new tech businesses, and programs available to support for business growth. He also points to the exceptionally skilled workforce in Montreal, a city with more than 170,000 college students in 11 universities, recently rated #1 city in the world for college students.

''A whole toolbox to help entrepreneurs get what they need to make their business grow''


About Montreal InVivo:

''Montréal InVivo is an economic development organization dedicated to the creation of a business environment that fosters innovation and growth of companies and organizations in the life sciences and health technologies (LSHT) sector.''

About Hexoskin:

''Founded in Montreal in 2006, Hexoskin's mission is to record and organize personal information to make it accessible and useful. The company's co-founders realized that body-worn sensors could capture precise biometric data inside comfortable smart clothing. The company released the first innovative Hexoskin Smart Shirt in 2013.''

Hexoskin in Japan

Hexoskin presented its technology for health monitoring at the Wearable Expo at Tokyo Big Sight this week. We were present on the show floor with our Japanese partners Kissei Comtec, and had the chance to visit Tokyo and Matsumoto.

Dozens of top health research organizations and sports performance labs in Japan use Hexoskin's open data platform for physiology monitoring. If you're in Japan you can contact Kissei Comtec for Japanese training and support.

Tokyo Big Sight (東京ビッグサイト), officially known as Tokyo International Exhibition Center (東京国際展示場), is a convention and exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan, and the largest one in the country.