Sports Illustrated spotlights Hexoskin's biometric shirt

Tom Taylor gives his thoughts on Hexoskin's smart shirt and what makes it so valuable for coaches and their athletes.

"These shirts are designed to give athletes the same sort of data they could get from a performance lab—for example, heart rate recovery and lung capacity—but in more natural environments and without needing to be hooked up to a machine."

"Since the shirts went on sale in 2013, use by professional athletes has been growing. Several members of the Canadian Olympic team in Sochi last year used Hexoskin shirts, including sisters Justine and Chloé Dufour-Lapointe, who won gold and silver, respectively, in the dual moguls competition. The Brooklyn Nets strength and conditioning coach Dr. Jeremy Bettle also uses the shirts to track his players’ physiology both on and off the court. And Cirque du Soleil even uses Hexoskin to monitor its performers during training."

"According to Fournier, one future use of Hexoskin shirts could be screening for possible concussions in sports. Though the shirts would not provide sufficient data to diagnose a concussion, they could be used to pick up some of the early symptoms, including breathing and heart rate irregularities, allowing team doctors to work out which players might need closer medical attention."

Read the paper here: Hexoskin's biometric shirt offers wearable performance tracking

Cirque du Soleil uses Hexoskin to monitor performer's fatigue

Bryan Burnstein, Head of Performance Science at Cirque du Soleil, describes which experiments his team has been carrying out these past weeks:

"Using a combination of Biometric data alongside objective and subjective data collected during live performance, our goal was to identify markers of central nervous system fatigue over time on Cirque du Soleil performers.  Furthermore, we are cross-referencing this with mental effectiveness data to better understand the connection between mental effectiveness and quality of performance.

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