Hexoskin Partners with Kissei for Distribution in Japan

Tokyo, April 6th 2016

Today Hexoskin and Kissei Comtec have announced a partnership to distribute Hexoskin's biometric clothing and connected health software alongside Kissei's products in the Japanese market. The partnership also involves the integration of Hexoskin data in Kissei's sports science and health research software.

"This partnership with Kissei will help Hexoskin support more sports science and health research projects in Japan", said Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO and co-founder of Hexoskin. "This is part of our plan to expand our activities in clinical and medical applications worldwide."

"The Hexoskin smart shirt has been attracting attention as a supportive technology for personal healthcare in Japan. By fusing the excellent know-how of the sensing technology of Hexsokin and clinical and research know-how of Kissei Comtec, we will develop and provide unique healthcare services for the Japanese market." said Kazuhisa Hanamura, overseas manager for the public sector and medical solutions at Kissei Comtec.

Hexoskin smart shirts are widely recognized as the most sophisticated biometric clothing product on the market today. Its new award-winning Hexoskin Smart has a SDK for mobile developers, providing direct access to Hexoskin's data and an API for cloud-based health and research applications. Users can download complete raw data for analysis and export it to third party software.

Hexoskin works for both iPhone and Android users, and different shirt models are available for men, women, and kids. Hexoskin shirts are odor-resistant, comfortable, and safe to use in various real-life situations from sleeping to contact sports. Hexoskin shirts are also scientifically validated to accurately measure heart rate, breathing, and movement, providing users with insights about their physical training, sleep, and daily activities whether awake or asleep.

About Hexoskin

Hexoskin is the world leader in smart clothing for health monitoring. Hexoskin smart shirts are used by first responders, sport scientists, and thousands of health professionals and health researchers all over the world, and provide a new, convenient way to understand human health in real-life environments. In addition to serving its clients in sports science and health research, Hexoskin is a supplier of smart clothing for aerospace and military organisations in many countries, including Canada and the United States. For more information, visit and @Hexoskin on Twitter.

About Kissei Comtec

Kissei Comtec is a division of Kissei, a Japanase conglomerate focused on pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Kissei Comtec has created a diverse line-up of original software and systems in the medical field, ranging from biosignal analysis software that has become the standard in medical research, motion analysis systems specialized for waking analysis for use in physical rehabilitation, to systems for general health management and disease prevention.

More information on Hexoskin smart shirts is available in Japanese here:

March 22, 2016

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London Wearable Tech Show 2016: Hexoskin Wins Crunchwear Editor's Award

Hexoskin won another award for its new Hexoskin Smart shirt last week in London! After the awards at CES 2016 this is another great recognition for our best smart shirt ever.

Thanks to all who came to visit our booth to discuss wearable tech, fitness and digital health, we hope to see you again soon!

More than 4,700 people visited the show in London March 15-16 to see the latest wearable tech products and listen to speakers about what's going to come in the next few years.

More info about the awards here.

January 29, 2016

Justin Kripps, Olympian and reigning Canadian Bobsled Champion, joins Hexoskin


Today we are pleased to welcome Team Canada Olympic bobsledder Justin Kripps to the Hexoskin family! We are looking forward to developing our partnership with him in order to help him enhance his training, monitor his recovery, gather vital data during his training and sleep sessions, and ultimately, help him learn more about himself.

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Hexoskin now gives you more insights about your sleep

Because we recognize that sleep is a vital part of our lives, Hexoskin has made how we calculate your sleep metrics even more accurate. These improvements will allow you to have better insights on your slumber sessions.

Automatic detection is the key factor at play with our new Hexoskin sleep enhancements. The new server processing now automatically takes the device’s position into account when calculating your metrics.

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January 11, 2016

CES 2016: Hexoskin Smart wins Best Wearable Tech and Best in Show Awards

We just got back from Las Vegas and we couldn’t be happier.  The release of Hexoskin Smart on Indiegogo helped us make huge waves at CES 2016, especially since we sprinted past our goal within 12 hours of launching. We were on the ground talking about Hexoskin to the media, industry analysts, and tech lovers from across the globe, who can’t stop raving about Hexoskin Smart!

On top of receiving wide coverage from all over the world, we also received some notable awards: Stuff Magazine scoured CES in search of the Best Wearable Tech, and selected Hexoskin Smart to win a CES 2016 Wearable Tech Award. Hexoskin Smart was also recognized as the Best in Show Award for the Smart Clothing Category from We couldn't be more proud!

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Hexoskin Smart smashes Indiegogo goal in 12 hours!


What a day! Today, we launched Hexoskin Smart, the first smart shirt compatible with popular fitness apps like Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo, MapMyRun, and Runtastic, as well as devices like smartwatches, GPS watches, and bike computers on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo, just like we did in 2013 with Hexoskin Classic. Thanks to your help and support, we have been able to smash that goal within 12 hours of launching, and with over a month to go, we're counting on your support to break our previous Indiegogo record! Keep track of our progress and pre-order your Hexoskin Smart now at $299 ($100 off the future retail price) here:


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December 22, 2015

Hexoskin selected to develop a technology to remotely monitor astronauts’ vital signs

(December 22, 2015) Montreal, Quebec – Hexoskin


Today, Hexoskin (Carré Technologies) was awarded a contract from the CSA to develop the On Astronaut Wireless Sensor System (OAWSS.) The OAWSS is part of an Advanced Crew Medical System (ACMS) that will help prepare the CSA to fulfill the needs of future human space travel, to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. This contract award comes in response to a request for proposals that was posted for its Space Technologies Development Program.



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December 07, 2015

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IoT World Forum: Davra partners with Hexoskin and Cisco for Dubai Police Force project


Wearable fans attending the Internet of Things (IoT) World Forum in Dubai, be sure to check out a live demo using Hexoskin as part of a health monitoring solution for the Dubai Police force, in the showcase until December 8th

On Sunday December 6th, Cisco announced a partnership with Hexoskin, Davra Networks, and TCS to deliver a real-time police operations monitoring solution for the Dubai Police Force.

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Update available for iOS and Android!


Your Hexoskin app now does even more!  When you ask us questions, give us feedback, or make special requests so that Hexoskin can meet your needs, we take it to heart. That’s why our development team has recently made some useful enhancements to your Hexoskin app based on your feedback and requests, available for download now for iOS and Android.

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How well do you sleep?

Sleep is a mysterious part of your life, however it's an essential part of your health and performance! When you use the sleep activity in the app, Hexoskin gives you valuable insights about the quality of your night. You can also add a sleep activity after the night, in your account on

Here's an example of what you can see in the app:

Hexoskin sleep report

Total sleep time: the US National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night for adults.

Sleep efficiency: % of your night that was spent sleeping.

Sleep latency: time it took for you to fall asleep once you were in your bed. If it takes you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, you should think about what can help you sleep better.

HRV: is a measure of your fatigue level. This can be used to detect overtraining.

The sleep report also tells you how much time you spent on your back and other positions, your minimum and average heart rate, and insights about your REM and non-REM sleep.

If you're a developer, you have access to even more information if you use the Hexoskin API. Contact us for more information about the API.