October 17, 2018

Using Wearables, Data, and AI in Clinical Trials

Montréal InVivo hosted an event today in Laval, Québec, to discuss the use of data and AI in clinical trials. Representatives from Alta Sciences, a CRO focused on phase I/II trials in Canada and the US, and Accreon (Health IT), joined Hexoskin to discuss strategies and best practices.

On the picture below you can see Marc Paquin, Director of Partnerships and Business Development, sharing Hexoskin's experience with wearable sensors & AI software development for clinical trials.

Since 2006, Hexoskin’s mission is to develop sensors and health data infrastructure to generate clinical grade real-world evidence. For more information, write us at, and visit and @Hexoskin on Twitter.

September 23, 2018

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Hexoskin at the MedTech conference in Philadelphia on September 23-26, 2018!

Hexoskin is attending again the MedTech conference this week on September 23-26, 2018!

The Hexoskin Team will be meeting with stakeholders from the MedTech industry and showcase its solutions and expertise for monitoring patients with chronic diseases. Hexoskin is part of the Quebec Delegation organized by the Quebec Government.

If your company is interested in digital markers, sensors and AI in healthcare, book a meeting with our team here!

For more information, write us at, and visit and @Hexoskin on Twitter.

Hexoskin Smart Garment, Sensors, and AI at MedTech Conference in Philadelphia - United States

Astroskin Now Available - Pushes the Boundaries
 of Health Research on Earth and in Space!

It is with a lot of excitement that Hexoskin announces today the availability of the Astroskin, a space-grade smart garment aiming to revolutionize the collection of real-world evidence for healthcare research on Earth and in Space!

The Astroskin system is based on the Bio-Monitor designed for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to monitor the astronauts’ health in space on the International Space Station (ISS). The CSA’s Bio-Monitor will be operational in space and available for all ISS participating countries to conduct space research for the next five years. It is scheduled to launch in space on December 4, 2018, aboard SpaceX’s Dragon cargo vehicle from Florida.

Aerospace, Security & Defense, Academic, Pharmaceuticals and Health Research organizations can now order the Astroskin system for their projects.

The Astroskin smart garments are available in a wide range of sizes for men & women. The machine-washable garments include state-of-the-art monitoring of blood pressure, pulse oximetry, 3-lead ECG, respiration, skin temperature, and activity sensors for 48 hours of continuous real-time monitoring. The end-to-end system includes iOS apps for iPhones & iPads, data synchronization software, and a web dashboard. Hexoskin provides custom software, data hosting, data science & AI services to suit the most stringent requirements of any organization. 

Download Astroskin Product Specifications


«This system, which includes a smart shirt and dedicated tablet application, will help keep an eye on astronauts' health and enable new science by continuously measuring physiological data. [...] The system is designed to easily send information to the ground, where scientists can monitor the astronauts' health around the clock as they orbit the planet». (Canadian Space Agency. 2018)

Since 2006, Hexoskin’s mission is to develop sensors and health data infrastructure to generate clinical grade real-world evidence. The Astroskin demonstrates once again Hexoskin’s leadership in providing the industry leading sensors, software, and AI to push further our understanding of human physiology on earth and in space.

Contact our team to order Astroskin

September 18, 2018

Hexoskin Opens its Doors for the Montreal Startup Open House 2018!

Hexoskin is happy to participate in the Montreal Startup Open House 2018 organized with Montreal NewTech. On Thursday, September 20, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, our team will welcome the public to its Montréal headquarters (5800 St-Denis #402A, métro Rosemont).

This year, our guests can expect a special tour of our offices, products demos, a fire chat with our CEO and CTO cofounders. This is an opportunity to get a glimpse of what we do and to discuss in a relax atmosphere with several members of our team (Sales, Marketing, Products, Engineering, Textile and Software).

The event is completely free! You can register online now!

Register online at this link

About Hexoskin:

Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Carré Technologies Inc. (Hexoskin) is involved in the development of non-invasive sensors, software & applications, data science & AI services. Hexoskin’s mission is to record and organize personal health information and make it accessible and useful.

Hexoskin took a different approach to non-portable and invasive monitoring solutions by releasing in 2013 a washable smart garment with cardiac, respiratory and activity sensors embedded in the textile used by its clients in sports, research, healthcare, pharmaceutical, security, defense and aerospace industries.

Since its launch, the Hexoskin end-to-end open platform which includes body-worn sensors, mobile and web apps, a cloud-based database, and a data analysis server has been used by researchers & developers in over 60 scientific publications.

Hexoskin’s provide solutions and services directly to customers & athletes; and through B2B contracts in security, defense & aerospace agencies, pharmaceutical companies, academics, and healthcare organizations.

Careers at Hexoskin

We are hiring! Look our job postings here

Hexoskin is based on a diverse and multi-disciplinary team of carefully selected members. We offer:

  • The opportunity to work on health-related projects (sports, health research, sleep medicine, space missions, etc.)
  • Lots of opportunities to innovate and take initiatives
  • The chance to work with the latest health sensors and wearables
  • A flexible work environment with health benefits.

Columbia University Research Measures Impact of Air Pollution on Cyclists in NYC

Commuting by bike is a great way to include physical activity in our day-to-day living. However the impact of air pollution on cyclists is not something that is well understood.

Columbia University researchers Steven Chillrud, Darby Jack, and their colleagues from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory have been using Hexoskin smart shirts and other sensors to collect data on pollution exposure in a real-world settings. This allows them to map pollution exposure around New York city. These maps can be used by cyclists and policy makers to better plan bike paths and bike lanes.

This project will have an important impact on urban design and mobility. Vice News covered their research project this week in this video:


Join Our Live Webinar on May 30th!

The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform is used by researchers in many domains all around the world. Remote & Continuous Respiratory Monitoring is a field of interest that is gaining momentum, but few non-invasive solutions exist to monitor the lung function of subjects and patients.

We invite you to our second webinar that will cover our latest results and applications in respiratory research. We will also present how Hexoskin can monitor COPD patients by using its very unique physiological data.

Webinar: Remote & Continuous Respiratory Monitoring with Hexoskin
30 May 2018, at 12:00 PM (EST) - via the Zoom Video Conferencing software

Speaker: Thu Ngan Trinh, PhD, Clinical Application Specialist at Hexoskin
Guest Speaker: Ruud van Leuteren, MSc, PhD Candidate in Neonatology at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam.

If you are unable to attend, we still invite you to register and we will send you the recorded webinar by email afterward.

We look forward to your presence at this new webinar!


About Hexoskin
Founded in 2006, Hexoskin has designed a system to minimize user setup time and to maximize vital signs monitoring over long periods in a non-obstructive way with sensors embedded in a Smart Shirt. Data are synced to local and remote servers for health data management and analysis. Hexoskin offers a non-invasive solution for longitudinal studies in cardiology, respiratory, sleep, CNS, activity, stress and mental illness. 

Meet us at BIO in Boston on June 4-8, 2018!

Hexoskin will be attending the BIO International Convention in Boston, June 4-7, 2018 for its second year! The Smart Clothing industry's leader will present its new clinically validated collection of Smart Garments for clinical research. Hexoskin will also showcase the Hexoskin Smart, the best health monitor for continuous cardiac, respiratory, activity and sleep tracking. Hexoskin will also unveil a new solution to manage clinical trials and report real-world evidence with Machine Learning & AI. Come meet us!

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Fierce Pharma: Pharma has a real-world problem, and it's the lag in its sensor adoption

Adoption of mobile and connected health tech in clinical trials is a real-world challenge for pharmaceutical companies. Our CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier has shared his thoughts recently about the adoption of mobile and connected health tech with Fierce Pharma.

"The industry needs to get with it now or pay for it later—literally. The reason? Sensor tech will be adopted faster at a large scale in healthcare than in pharma trials, and that means “the drugs you are developing today are going to be seen with tools that you are not using in your trials right now.”  That could cost drugmakers billions of dollars if they launch products only to find that monitoring tech turns up real-world outcomes that don’t meet payers’ standards."

Read more on Fierce Pharma.


April 09, 2018

Hexoskin is launching the next generation of Smart Garments!

It's with a lot of excitement that we announce today the availability of our improved Smart Clothing available with the Hexoskin Smart device! The Hexoskin Smart provides improved features for the most advanced Tech Clothing on earth!


Improving on the features of our previous models, the Hexoskin Smart is raising the bar once again for advanced health monitoring along with the industry-leading Hexoskin Smart Garments newly upgraded. The Hexoskin Smart allows you to track your health and analyze your data longer with our newly improved Smart Shirts. The Hexoskin Smart Kits represent the best of the fitness trackers, heart monitor, continuous respiratory and sleep tracker with more precision. The Smart is compatible with all previous Hexoskin Smart Garments and comes with new features and capabilities, including:  

- An improved 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity
- A longer battery life with over 30 hours of autonomy on a single charge
- Compatible with iOS & Android, Apple Health App, Apple Watch, Wear OS
- Compatible with 3rd party applications such as Runtastic, Runkeeper & MapMyRun

Hexoskin Product Specifications

Contact us
to get your Hexoskin Smart or to ask any questions you might have!

February 28, 2018

Meet us at HIMSS18 next week!

Hexoskin will be at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas next week! Come by our Booth #8700-47 to get insights about the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform, wearable health sensors & AI solutions. 

We have designed a system to minimize user setup time and to maximize vital signs monitoring over long periods in a non-obstructive way with sensors embedded in a Smart Shirt. Data are synced to local and remote servers for health data management and analysis. Hexoskin offers a non-invasive solution for continuous monitoring in cardiology, respiratory, sleep, CNS, activity, stress and mental illness.

Contact us to book a meeting with our dedicated team during the show or to schedule a phone call regarding your future & ongoing projects.

About Hexoskin
Hexoskin is the world leader in smart clothing and body sensing technologies. Hundreds of researchers are already using Hexoskin for clinical research and real-time monitoring. The company has announced last year it will equip the International Space Station (ISS) with a bio-monitoring system for astronauts in collaboration with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency.

Twitter: @Hexoskin