[OLD] Hexoskin Mobile app screenshots

Want to see what the Hexoskin mobile app looks like? Here's a thorough walkthrough.

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Real time ECG

The Hexoskin app allows you to see you heart beat in real time thanks to our 1 lead ECG. Warning: this is an attention grabber! (Lung activity only on iOS at this time)

Lungs filled with air Empty lungs


Real time metrics and history timeline

While wearing your shirt, you can check on your real time metrics at any time.


In this case we are concluding a run in a park and can see that at this point in time, our biometrics read:

  • a heart rate of 151 bpm,
  • a breathing rate of 45 breaths per minute,
  • a minute ventilation of 54.6 Liters of air per minute,
  • a pace of 167 steps per minute,
  • 5,009 steps counted,
  • a real time activity of approximately 1 g


Extra information can be found by swiping to the left:

  • speed (in mph or km/h)
  • distance traveled
  • calories burned


Sample Run Activity

Hexoskin can be used to monitor pretty much any type of activity: running, cycling, sleeping, just plain living!

Here's an example of the data that you can review on your mobile phone after a running session.

Biometric review of the training session Heart rate Min, Max and training zones Overview of GPS data and running stats


Vo2max estimation

VO2max is considered the best indicator of your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness. VO2max is the maximum rate of oxygen you consume during prolonged maximal exercise. As seen below, you can estimate this value with the Hexoskin app and store your test results for future comparison.

Clear test instructions Heart rate Min, Max and training zones Get your immediate Vo2max estimation Compare your results across time


Resting Heart Rate (HRrest) estimation

Your HRrest is the lowest number of heart beats per minute (bpm) when you are awake, fully relaxed and without distractions (usually laying down). As you increase your cardiovascular fitness, your HRrest will decrease making HRrest another great way to measure your fitness.

Clear test instructions See how your HRrest improves across time


Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax) estimation

HRmax is the highest heart rate you can achieve during maximal exercise. See how your theoretical HRmax (based on your age) compares with your real HRmax estimated with your Hexoskin.

Clear test instructions

Half way through the test. Pushing hard! Get your immediate HRmax estimation Review your running statistics


Estimate your Heart Rate Recovery (HRrecovery or HRr)

As soon as you finish your HRmax test, take a minute to calculate your HRrecovery.
HRrecovery is the number of heartbeats per minute you lose between the end of a peak intensity exercise and your pulse after 60 seconds of recovery. A greater HRrecovery is associated with good cardiovascular function, as your heart adapts faster to your body's physiological demands.

Clear test instructions See how your HRr improves across time


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