[OLD] Key Metrics delivered by Hexoskin

Your Hexoskin smart shirt is the most advanced biometric shirt on the market. It measures more body metrics than any other wearable technology product, and with greater precision. This is why it has been chosen by 4 space agencies, 3 military organizations, and professional sports teams worldwide to monitor astronauts, elite soldiers and athletes. Below you will find details on the different metrics that Hexoskin measures. If you have any questions after reading about them feel free to contact us.


Breathing Rate

Breathing rate represents the speed at which you complete one full breathing cycle (inspiration and expiration). It is usually defined as a number of respirations per minute [rpm]. Usually, at rest, your breathing rate varies between 12 and 16 rpm. During your sleep, your breathing rate can be as low as 6 rpm and can reach more than 70 rpm during high intensity exercise.

The Hexoskin app will display your breathing rate in real time on your mobile device and on your web dashboard after you sync your data.

Minute Ventilation

Minute ventilation can be defined as the total volume of air inhaled during one minute. Usually, at rest, minute ventilation varies between 6 and 8 L/min. During sleep, minute ventilation can be as low as 3 L/min and can reach 160 L/min during high intensity athletic activity.

Just like breathing rate, minute ventilation is also available in real time while you train, and as a graph in your web dashboard as soon as you sync your data.

Heart Rate Maximum (HRmax)

Heart Rate Max is the highest heart rate a person can achieve during a maximal exercise.  The value depends mainly on age, genetics, exercise type, and medication. The theoretical value can be estimated with different formulas. However, to have a more precise and individual HRmax value, it is better to perform a maximal capacity test. The HRmax normally decreases with age and it is unrelated to exercise training.

The Hexoskin app offers to seek out your HRmax by making you run a 400m sprint, as you can see here.

Note: Adults who are beginning a new exercise regimen are advised to consult a physician before performing this test due to risks associated with reaching high heart rates.

Resting Heart Rate (HRrest)

Resting heart rate is the lowest heart rate value that is measured while awake, lying down, fully relaxed and undistracted. At rest, the average heart rate for women is 72-80 bpm and for men 64-72 bpm. HRrest can vary depending on fitness level, age, heart’s size and strength of contraction. Cardiovascular training results in lowering your HRrest. Endurance athletes can have a resting heart rate as low as 30 bpm.

The Hexoskin app offers you to take a 5mn test to measure your HRrest. Try to take the test always at the same time of the day to get comparable results. See what the HRrest test looks like on the Hexoskin app.

Heart Rate Recovery (HRR)

Heart rate recovery (HRR) is the decrease of your heart rate during a fixed duration of recovery following a peak intensity exercise. A heart rate that does not drop by more than 12 bpm one minute after ending the exercise is associated to an increased risk of health issues. A high HRR is associated with good cardiovascular function.

You can easily calculate yours by taking our HRR test right after taking the HRmax test.


VO2max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during a maximal aerobic exercise. VO2max is considered one of the best indicators of cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance capacity. Endurance training programs can help increase your VO2max and your ability to sustain a high rate of VO2.

Using the Hexoskin mobile app, you can calculate your VO2max and see where you stand in the graph on the left.


Running cadence is the number of steps per minute. An ideal cadence while jogging or running would be between 175 and 185.

A faster cadence will reduce loading forces on the body, possibly eliminating or minimizing common running-associated pain, including pain in the knees, Achilles, plantar fascia, lateral hips, lower back, and shin splints.

Hexoskin will calculate this metric for you so that you know if you need to work on your cadence, as seen here.

See how your test results will look on the Hexoskin iOS and Android app