Quick start [OLD]

Congratulations on your purchase!

Please find below the Quick Start Guide that will get you up and running in a few minutes!

You can also download the illustrated Quick Start Guide from the Downloads page.

It is important to follow each step before attempting to record data.



If you ordered a kit, you should have received the following:

  1. A Hexoskin shirt
  2. A Hexoskin device
  3. A USB cable



Your Hexoskin device should have shipped partially charged. Please charge it fully before using it.

To do this, use the enclosed USB cable to connect the device directly to your computer. (Avoid using a USB hub)

The orange led will blink while the device charges. You will know that charging is over when the led turns solid orange.


Hexoskin app & account

While your device is charging, we recommend that you download the Hexoskin app to your iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet.

Launch the app and click on "Register" if you haven't created a Hexoskin account yet. Otherwise click on "Log In"

Enter your email address and a password to create your Hexoskin account. This account will allow you to sync your data online and review it on your web dashboard. (see below)

Enter your profile information (height, weight, etc.) so that Hexoskin can calculate your data correctly.


Bluetooth pairing

Follow the instructions displayed in the app to pair your Hexoskin device with your phone.

  1. First, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  2. Put your Hexoskin in pairing mode by holding the button until the blue led turns on
  3. Tap on the Hexoskin device on your phone to confirm pairing
  4. Wait a few seconds until both devices are steadily connected
  5. You can now return to the app.


Go out and Run, Cycle, Climb, Train, Sleep!

You're now all set to use your Hexoskin. Plugging your shirt into your Hexoskin device automatically turns it on and starts recording your data, as shown by the middle orange led being continuously lit. As soon as you unplug your shirt, data stops recording and the device automatically shuts down after 60 seconds.


Syncing your data to your online dashboard

To sync your raw data to your online dashboard, follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the syncing desktop app HxServices for MacOS or Windows 7/8
  2. Install and launch HxServices on your computer
  3. Sign in with your Hexoskin account
  4. Plug your Hexoskin device into your computer using the supplied USB cable
  5. You should see your Hexoskin device appear in the top window and your data should start to sync automatically.
  6. As soon as sync is finished, your data is available for your review on your online dashboard.


Viewing your data on your web dashboard

Point your browser to http://my.hexoskin.com and enter your Hexoskin account information


For more information, please take a look at our Knowledge base.