They're using Hexoskin

Thousands of people have adopted Hexoskin to learn more about how their body works, reacts to training, stress, specific environments and everyday life.

Coaches, athletes, and researchers also use Hexoskin for many different research projects related to health and fitness. Here is a short list of some of them.

Coaches & Athletes


Space Research

Health Research

Research project Location

North America

McGill University Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health Montreal, Canada
Columbia University Post Traumatic Stress Disorder New York, USA
NASA Ames Research Center Human Factors / Space medicine Mountain View, USA
MIT Agelab Age & Stress Cambridge, USA
Cirque du Soleil Research on overtraining Las Vegas, USA
Colorado State University Research on air pollution Colorado, USA
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, USA
Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Neurology, Sleep Division Massachusetts, USA
University of Waterloo Data validation Waterloo, Canada
Canadian Space Agency Astronaut training Saint-Hubert, Canada
Concordia University Impact of exercise on Cognitive functions in Aging Montreal, Canada
INRS Montreal, Canada
Université de Montréal
Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal
Hôpital Rivière-des-Prairies
Sleep biomarkers Montreal, Canada
UQAM, CSA, XPAntarctik Physiology in extreme isolated environments
McGill University Public speaking stresse assessment Montreal, Canada
National Research Council Canada Montreal, Canada
UQO, Pinel Institute Psychiatry Montreal, Canada
Neurosport Concussions and sports Montreal, Canada
Baycrest Hospital Toronto, Canada

Europe / Asia

Know Center Assessment of stress and physical condition for application in workplace environments Austria
CrowdAge Longevity Moscow, Russia
HES-SO / Switzerland
University of Bern Switzerland
Brandenburg University of Technology Germany Respiratory Research Netherlands
Awareness Lab / Netherlands


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