Hexoskin Arctic smart shirt - Men's

Introducing World's first cold weather smart shirt, the Hexoskin Arctic. Designed for those of you who like to go running or cycling in the early morning when the air is still a bit cold, or for those who live far away from the Equator and have to train in cold weather at some point during the year!

Please note: The Hexoskin Arctic shirt requires a Hexoskin recording device in order to record your biometric data. Add one to your cart now!

  • The garment

    • Fit optimized for regulation of moisture/heat
    • Smooth seams won’t chafe
    • Made in Canada with Italian fabric
    • Machine washable
    • Anti-bacterial treatment -> no odors
    • Thumb holes, zipper pocket
  • Biometrics

    • Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Breathing Rate, Minute ventilation, Acceleration and much more
    • Collects 42,000 data points per minute
    • Free, unlimited, and secure storage of your data
    • Free apps for Android and iOS display your biometrics in real time (screenshots)
    • Free routines estimate your VO2max, HRmax, HRrest and HRrecovery
  • Benefits

    • Get real data straight from your cardio-respiratory system, where it counts
    • Cold weather won't stop you from improving your performance
    • Used for training by NASA, Canadian Space Agency, and CNES

    "I must say this tool is awesome for biathlon, a sport where you need to manage your breathing and heart rate each time you go through a shooting round. Furthermore Hexoskin allows me to analyze my sleep efficiency during stressful cycles of training and competition. I've come to a point in my career where every second counts in a competition so I greatly need a tool like Hexoskin to become faster, stronger, and more efficient."
    - Claude Godbout, 2012-2014 Spartan Race World Champion, International Biathlon Athlete

    This Hexoskin warm base layer provides exceptional heat insulation, optimum breathability and high resistance to pilling and abrasion. It can be used over long periods without causing irritation. The fabric's bacteriostatic treatment prevents the spread of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. All of this while providing the same high-quality Hexoskin body metrics as the original shirt and a comfort similar to Merino wool.

    Research on the fur of the polar bear, one of the rare animals capable of surviving extreme climatic conditions and broad temperature ranges, was the basis for the Italian fabric we use for this shirt. Fibers are made up of hundreds of hollow microfilaments, which work like an insulation chamber between the skin and the outside. The specific structure of the fabric allows natural evaporation of perspiration: absorbing very little water, the fabric dries rapidly, while keeping the body temperature constant. This reduces energy consumption to a minimum and improves athletic performance.

    Please note: The Hexoskin Arctic shirt requires a Hexoskin device in order to record your biometric data.

    Please note that this product is currently out of stock.

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