Monitoring Sleep with Hexoskin

Hexoskin has been involved in clinical research and sleep analysis algorithm development since 2012. Researchers and professionals love how easy it is to access physiological data with Hexoskin. On this page, you'll learn about what we record and how we analyze and report sleep metrics.

Hexoskin offers the only clinically validated system that allows continuous precise ECG cardiac monitoring with lung function and activity monitoring with a smart garment. The Hexoskin Smart Garments provide a non-invasive and comfortable solution to study and track sleep at home. We offer a complete end-to-end solution for research and professional applications. You can use Hexoskin to monitor sleep in a natural environment at home or in clinical settings.

Before you start planning your project, contact us to learn more about how Hexoskin team can support you for sleep monitoring. You can also take a look at our Quick Start page and FAQ

Hexoskin Smart Shirts Specification for Sleep

  • Automatic Sleep Detection
  • Awakening
  • Total Sleep Time
  • Time in each stage
  • Hypnogram
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Sleep percent
  • Sleep position changes 
  • Time spent in every position: belly, back, right, left and standing
  • Sleep position graph 
  • Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and Minute Ventilation
  • Heart Rate Variability - HRV Norm HF

Hexoskin offers solutions to synchronize the data recorded with Hexoskin to obtain your complete sleep report on the Hexoskin Online Dashboard. The same data will be available on the Hexoskin Mobile App. 

Here is an example of a sleep report display by the Hexoskin App: 

Scientific Publications

  • Development and Validation of an Algorithm for the Study of Sleep Using a Biometric Shirt in Young Healthy Adults
    Pion-Massicotte, J. et al. Journal of Sleep Research (submitted for publication), 2017.

  • Control Mechanism Modeling of Human Cardiovascular-Respiratory System
    Gutta, S. et al. IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP), 2015.
    ''To validate our simulation results, we collected real data from a healthy 25-year-old male subject using Hexoskin biometric smart shirt. […] The real heart rate and ventilation rate trajectories are close to the simulated optimal state trajectories.''
    Read the abstract here

  • DoppleSleep: A Contactless Unobtrusive Sleep Sensing System Using Short-Range Doppler Radar
    Rahman, T. et al. UbiComp’15, pp 39-50, 2015.
    ''A biometric shirt (Hexoskin [9]) was provided to capture ground truth heart rate using embedded ECG electrodes, breathing rate using respiratory inductance plethysmography, and physical movement using accelerometer.''
    Read the article here

  • Consumer Sleep Monitors: Is There a Baby in the Bathwater?
    Russo, K. et al. Nat Sci Sleep. Nov 5;7:147-57, 2015.
    ''Sensor technology has more recently expanded to incorporate physiological measures beyond actigraphy, such as heart rate and/or respiration patterns. [...] cardiopulmonary monitors for tracking sleep can be either worn on the body (as a shirt with embedded sensors, such as the Hexoskin) [...]''
    Read the abstract here

  • Mise au Point et Validation d'un Algorithme pour Caractériser le Sommeil à l'aide du Vêtement Intelligent Hexoskin
    Pion-Massicotte, J. Master thesis of Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal, 2014.
    Read the master thesis here

Independent Reviews

  • Efficacy of a Smart Textile Shirt: Developing a Sleep Health Screening Tool for Military Populations
    Naval Health Research Center, Warfighter Performance Department, San Diego, CA
    Harrison, E.M. et al. SLEEP, Vol. 28, #0384, 2015.
    ''The (Hexoskin) smart textile shirt shows promise as an alternative for sleep health assessment compared with standard polysomnography and/or actigraphy. (...) Further investigations, including epoch-by-epoch analyses and development of independent algorithms, are currently underway.''
    See the poster here


Managing multiple users


Data Analysis Software

VivoSense Software

We recommend using VivoSense advanced physiological data analysis software to visualize the data collected by Hexoskin. VivoSense's 400+ customers include organizations like the Mayo Clinic, the Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, and US Army and Air Force research labs. It allows you to import and export of data, batch processing, and to produce ready-to-publish graphs of your result. Learn more about VivoSense with Hexoskin.