Hexoskin Smart Garments Specifications

Hexoskin is the industry leader that offers since 2012 a line of cutting-edge smart clothings. The Hexoskin Smart Garments include textile sensors into comfortable garments for precise health monitoring. Hexoskin users can visualize, report, and analyse their data with the leading Hexoskin Connected Health Platform.

The Hexoskin Smart Garments offer the best activity and sleep tracker to monitor the evolution of your health condition over time. The Hexoskin Smart Shirts are clinically validated to continuously track cardiac, respiratory, sleep, and activity data. Order Now!

Hexoskin Product Specifications. Monitors, Features, Biometric Shirt and Data & Tech
What Hexoskin Monitors
  • ECG & Heartbeat, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) (allowing stress monitoring, effort, load and fatigue assessments), QRS events, and Heart Rate Recovery
  • Breathing Rate (RPM), Minute Ventilation (L/min)
  • Activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps, cadence, positions and best sleep tracker
  • Key metrics delivered by Hexoskin
Technology Features
  • 12-30+ hours of battery life / 48+ hours of battery life with Astroskin
  • 600+ hours of standalone recording
  • Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone, iPad, & Android
  • Clinically validated by independent research labs
  • Designed and assembled in Canada
Hexoskin Smart Garments
  • Machine washable, high-performance Italian fabric, built to resist.
  • Quick dry, breathable, lightweight, anti-odor, chlorine resistant, UV protection.
  • Non-invasive & comfortable smart clothing for Men, Women & Kids
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Hexoskin Connected Health Platform
  • Open Data API allows to download raw data and use your own analytics software for health monitoring
  • Analog 256Hz ECG data
  • Analog dual-channel 128Hz breathing sensors
  • Analog 3D 64Hz acceleration
  • Hexoskin SDK License for Android Available
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What Hexoskin Measures

Hexoskin gives you insights into your Health Status, sleep, and personal daily activities. The Hexoskin Smart Shirts and Connected Health Platform are also used in Cardiac, Respiratory, Activity, Stress, Cognitive and Sleep research and projects. For more information, visit our Health Research and News pages.

Heart Rate

Monitor your heartbeats and view your ECG in real-time with great precision.

Heart Rate Variability

HRV is an essential tool to measure stress, load & training fatigue to prevent overtraining or injuries.

Breathing Rate

Learn to control your breathing, increase your performance and reduce stress.

Breathing Volume

Learn what your lung capacity is for each of your activities. Avoid hyperventilation and apnea with the best sleep tracker on the market.

Activity (steps, cadence & calories)

Your intensity level, steps, and pace are recorded on your dashboard and visible IN REAL TIME on your device.


Hexoskin is an advanced & validated sleep tracking device: measure your resting heart rate, breathing, and sleep positions.

Connected Health & Software Solutions

To fully embrace the power of the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform, download the iOS and Android Apps to track your health in real time, follow your Health Status and produce Sleep Assessment Reports. Manage multiple users and access raw and processed data on the Hexoskin Online Dashboard.

Health & Performance

Track your Health Status, measure your Health, Performance & Sleep in real-time and track your progress. The Hexoskin Smart Garments allow precise ECG cardiac monitoring with continuous lung function and activity tracking. Discover the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform today!

Academic/Clinical Research

Hexoskin offers a complete end-to-end solution to collect Real World Evidence. Hundreds of researchers around the world are using the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform for Health Research and Clinical Development in Cardiology, Respiratory, Sleep, Stress, Mental Disorders, Neurology, and Pediatrics research.

First Responders & Defense

Hexoskin Smart Garments allows the continuous monitoring of Sleep & Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for First Responders & Defense personnel, to conduct longitudinal studies on Mental Health & Stress Monitoring, Operational Stress Injuries (OSIs), and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) assessments.

  • mHealth Intelligence

    "The Hexoskin wearable technology will allow researchers and clinicians to investigate people severely affected by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CF) ... which is rarely done due to their limited capacity to participate in clinical studies."

    MedCity News

    Hexoskin is a great product, capable of accurately tracking an array of biometric data. "Hexoskin offers a wearable shirt for in-home rehabilitation. The product can measure heart rate, activity, breathing rate and sleep". 


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