Hexoskin Smart Shirts Specifications

The Hexoskin Smart Shirts are a comfortable new way to monitor precise cardiac, respiratory, sleep and activity data. Order Now

Hexoskin Product Specifications. Monitors, Features, Biometric Shirt and Data & Tech
What Hexoskin Monitors
  • Heart Rate, HRV (allowing to estimate stress and fatigue), Heart Rate Recovery, and ECG
  • Breathing Rate (RPM), Minute Ventilation (L/min)
  • Activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps, cadence and sleep positions
  • 14+ hours of battery life
  • 600+ hours of standalone recording
  • Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Data validated by independent research labs
  • Designed and assembled in Canada
  • Safe for any kind of activity
Biometric Shirts
  • Machine washable, high-performance Italian fabric.
  • Quick dry, breathable, lightweight, anti-odour, chlorine resistant, UV protection.
Data and Tech
  • Open Data API allows you to download raw data and use your own analytics software
  • Analog 256Hz ECG data
  • Analog dual-channel 128Hz breathing sensors
  • Analog 3D 64Hz acceleration

What Hexoskin Measures

Hexoskin gives you insights about your physical training, sleep, and personal daily activities.

Heart Rate

Track your heart rate and view your real time ECG with great precision.

Heart Rate Variability

HRV is an essential tool to measure stress and training fatigue to avoid overtraining.

Breathing Rate

Learn to control your breathing, increase your performance and reduce stress.

Breathing Volume

Learn what your lung capacity is for each of your activities. Avoid hyperventilation and apnea.

Activity (steps, cadence & calories)

Your intensity level, steps, and pace are recorded on your dashboard and visible IN REAL TIME on your device.


Hexoskin is the ultimate sleep tracking device: measure your resting heart rate, breathing, and sleep positions.

Apps & data

To fully embrace the power of Hexoskin, download our iOS and Android apps to track your body in real time. Access your raw data on your Online Dashboard.


You're already convinced that you should take good care of your body. Train using our apps to measure your performance in real time and track your progress. Check out our Apps screenshots.

Hexoskin Healthies Use Cases


Discover precise and rich physiological data you couldn't get before. Use your Online Dashboard in real time to understand how you can optimize your training.

Hexoskin Athletes/Coaches Use Cases


The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform is an end-to-end system that offers advanced Body-Worn Sensors, Technology Solutions, and Data Analytics. Learn more

Hexoskin Health Professionals Use Cases
  • New York Times

    New York Times

    "For runners who don't want to be encumbered by smartbands and chest straps, Hexoskin is a body metric system with several sensors woven into a shirt that measure heart rate, breathing, steps, pace and calories."

    Digital Trends

    Digital Trends

    "Hexoskin is a great product, capable of accurately tracking an array of biometric data."

  • Hexoskin user Paul Gagné, Personal Trainer


    Paul Gagné

    "We found that one of the Dufour-Lapointe sisters was not breathing correctly while performing some high box jumps in the gym. Hexoskin enabled us to see what we couldn't see visually. Now that she knows, she jumps a few inches higher."

    Watch why Hexoskin is so valuable to Paul

    Hexoskin user Laurence Clanet, Runner Enthusiast

    Running enthusiast

    Laurence Clanet

    "Reviewing the data recorded by my Hexoskin allows me to confirm sensations felt during my training. It also led me to reorganize my weekly trainings (swimming, cycling and running) to make sure I always mix results and pleasure. Hexoskin is now my second skin for safe performance!"

  • Hexoskin user David Lutzy, Athlete & Parachutist

    Athlete & Parachutist

    David Lutzy

    "Simply put, Hexoskin made it better. Better trainings, training patterns, better rest and far better results. But mostly Hexoskin gave me the knowledge and let me take the driver’s seat on my overall health. I would never go back!"

    Hexoskin user Jerome Casanova, Athlete & Sports Equipment Tester

    Athlete & Sports Equipment Tester

    Jerome Casanova (aka Case Nittus)

    "Hexoskin's outputs help me manage each of my trainings (endurance, cadence, speed, vVO2max, calories...) and develop custom training programs to achieve specific goals."


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