Meet Hexoskin at DSEI in London on September 10-13, 2019

Hexoskin is attending the DSEI Defense & Security convention on September 10-13, 2019 in London.

Our team will be hosting meetings in London with Defense & Security stakeholders to showcase our solutions and expertise for monitoring soldiers & first responders vital signs, health status, stress, and performance in training or in the field. 

DSEI is the world-leading event that connects governments, national armed forces, industry thought leaders in the global defense, first response, & security supply. Where to showcase the latest equipment and systems available and discover our latest capabilities across the Defense & Security domains. 

    The Hexoskin Team will be introducing the next evolution of smart clothing for defense, first responders, and stress monitoring: the Hexoskin ProShirt.

    Pre-orders are available now and will start shipping on September 10, 2019.

    To learn more about the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform the New Hexoskin ProShirt, and advanced solutions for First Responders & Defense vital signs monitoring, book a meeting with our team!

    Officers and First Responders Monitor Stress for Health Prevention

    Everyday, first responders put their own lives at risk to help individuals, families, and communities. They experience frontline tragical issues, such as accidents, deaths, murders, etc. In Canada, according to the Tema Conter Memorial Trust, ‘’PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a very real phenomenon facing over 20% of all First Responders’’ (CASP, 2016).

    Health data are useful to get insights about the individual’s vitals. Hexoskin provides the physiological data, which gives an easy access to the vital signs information in order to determine the appropriate prevention solutions. Hexoskin can measure and report in real-time, high-level actionable data such as readiness information;  remote dashboard for command center; focus and cognitive assessment; stress and fatigue monitoring; mood status monitoring; energy expenditure and metabolism monitoring.

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    Department of Homeland Security and Grant County Sheriff’s Office test new technologies for first responders

    The Department of Homeland Security and Grant County Sheriff’s Office recently tested new technologies for first responders in diverse emergency scenarios in the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington state. Some first responders participating in the program are using Hexoskin to monitor their vitals and their data are transmitted to the command center using smartphones. Read the article ''First Responders test new communications tech in partnership with Homeland Security'' for more information.