About Us

Hexoskin (Carré Technologies inc.) is an independent company founded in 2006. 

Hexoskin’s mission is to record and organize personal health information and make it accessible and useful. To get better and more affordable health and fitness services, people will need to wear health sensors. The best place to put sensors on your body is inside good-looking clothing that makes you feel and look smarter about your health. That’s what we did with the Hexoskin smart shirt. Connectivity, increased interest for health and fitness, population aging and the consumerization of healthcare are strong tailwinds for Hexoskin. 

Next generation biometric shirts

Hexoskin's 100% textile biometric clothing captures body metrics including heart rate, breathing rate and acceleration. The Hexoskin shirt offers an easy and more natural way of regularly capturing precise data in real performance contexts. Made to fit in the life of regular people, Hexoskin is also used by trainers of elite and professional athletes who want to monitor and evaluate performance results use Hexoskin. Hexoskin apps are available for iOS and Android devices and smartwatches. 

Future Applications—remote health to space exploration

There are numerous applications for the Hexoskin product— from remote health monitoring to space exploration. Future applications include cardiology, sleep medicine, aging at home, work medicine, defence applications, and space exploration missions.

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