Hexoskin Dashboard

Accessible from any web-connected device, Hexoskin Dashboard (HxDashboard) enables you to view and analyze the body metrics captured with the Hexoskin garment and device, to evaluate and correct performance anytime, anywhere.

Hexoskin Dashboard is a web application designed to work with the Hexoskin Performance Optimization Toolkit, composed of a Hexoskin garment (or Hexoskin- compatible garment) – a compression sports shirt with integrated all-textile sensors – and the Hexoskin device, which records and automatically transmits the data to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


Hexoskin tracks:

  • Cardiac activity

  • Breathing activity

  • Movement intensity

And enables you to

  • Easily view your own body metrics or those of any person who has given you access rights

  • Immediately and simply analyze performance

  • Effortlessly compare data with your own past performances or other athletes’ performances


  • Amateur or professional athletes and committed enthusiasts

  • Coaches

  • Trainers


1 – Upload your data

Connect the Hexoskin device(s) via the USB connector cable supplied to upload data to the Hexoskin cloud server.

2 – Select the records or training sessions you wish to view

  • View all records you have access to, or only your own data

  • Filter by precise date, or by range of dates

  • Select a particular user

3 – Click for analyzable data

  • In graph form, second-by-second: Heart rate, Breathing rate, Activity intensity

  • In summary form, maximum and average: Heart rate, Breathing rate, Activity intensity, Step count, Cadence, Minute ventilation, Heart rate variability (HRV)

4 – Start analyzing

  • Trace and compare performance second-by-second, using your mouse to pass over the graph

  • Zoom in on activity at a particular time, by moving the time markers under the graph

  • Create a time window to mark an interval on the record,  and obtain the maximum and average metrics for the interval by clicking on Report

  • Easily switch from one team member to another via a drop down selector

5 – Add notes

Use the annotation tool to make remarks directly on the graph.

6 – Produce professional reports

  • Print the graph image

  • Download the graph image to a number of different formats that can be incorporated in reports

  • Export the data to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis

7 – Add athletes and configure teams to access their data in the future

In just a few clicks, you are set to go.


email = athlete@hexoskin.com; password = hexoskin